Ugh. OK, I have to confess this is getting a little embarrassing. My guest writer left me a lengthy voicemail yesterday morning apologizing for missing his start date, and assured me there would be a post from him on the site by 8pm P.S.T. yesterday. When I woke up this morning, incredibly eager to see what he’d written, all I saw was my previous post apologizing for his absence. Then I checked my cell phone, and found this txt message:

: ( so sorry dood. things r hectic. had 2 jet 2 burgundy last-minute. no wi-fi. u know how it is. look 4ward 2 getting startd 2day. peace.

If you’re feeling frustrated, try to imagine how I feel about this. Fortunately, I do have his word and I don’t have any reason not to expect a post today, so I can finally take a break from updating and catch up on some much-neglected personal business. Hang in there, and thanks for your patience.

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