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Effexor 37.5 mg effets secondaires in the first 3 weeks and 60 mg for the rest of course. In this way, as mentioned before, the doses used during first week could be tailored according to the response. Finally, as with all psychotherapy treatments or medical procedures, there is always the risk of adverse effects, with the best treatment always containing "worst" of them-both the benefits and dangers. However, present results are encouraging and indicate that there are relatively few adverse effects of the combination ketamine with Effexor or SSRI. This could be, in part, an effect of dose and duration. In addition, the treatment protocol has been carefully designed and followed since the very start with a full medical check-up at the Online pharmacy website for sale end of each 3-week session therapy. The same would be expected from a real-life psychotherapy study, but no treatment trials have compared these treatments side-by-side. It would probably be unethical for a psychiatrist or any other medical practitioner to administer a daily dose of 60 mg ketamine in treatment of a depression with response 6-12 weeks. Hence, the choice of which treatment is better than the others will depend on person's individual response. Conflict of Interest No relevant conflicts were reported. We've reached the halfway point of 2016 MLS season and the Portland Timbers may not be in the league's final eight teams, but they are one of the teams that have enjoyed most dramatic performances. The Timbers have gone on a roller coaster ride this season, ending with a 1-9-2 record and three road wins, including a 3-0 victory over the Houston Dynamo on Saturday. They are sitting tied for fifth in the Western Conference with Real Salt Lake, Dallas, Colorado, and San Jose, currently have a +3 goal differential which ranks sixth in the league. Their 1-1 tie with Columbus Crew SC on Saturday afternoon was a sign that things might not be as bad the first two weeks of 2016 season for the Timbers. Last year's postseason performance saw them win the Supporters' Shield for first time, but last year's campaign and this season has been defined by their roller coaster ride. In the beginning, 2015 was as fast a roller coaster, with Portland taking a 3-0 win over Seattle and a shocking 3-1 road win over Colorado. With just two wins in their final 11 matches, they looked on the verge of missing playoffs altogether. But as the calendar ticked closer to playoffs, it looked as if Portland were going to be back on top of the league. But then the wheels fell off and they were eliminated by Sporting KC in the first round of playoffs. There was a near two-month slump, during which there were several weeks where they had four losses and scored just seven goals. Then there was a 4-1 loss to LA Galaxy, which ended a 26-game unbeaten streak for the Timbers. A draw with Dallas in the first leg of semifinals gave the Timbers hope of making it to the finals, but came back to a heartbreaking 2-.

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